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ERC Training


ERC Form


Downtown Cleveland Evacuation Plan Quadrant Map


Downtown Cleveland Evacuation Plan Major Evacuation Centers


City of Cleveland Downtown Evacuation Plan


Evacuation Plan for ERC use


Frequently Asked Questions


Locations for further information




Landmark Office Towers Security created the ERC (Emergency Response Coordinator) program in 2001 to perform two vital functions. First was to serve as fire marshals or floor wardens during building evacuations and second was to act as a conduit for disseminating vital information to building occupants.

ERCs prepare employees and their areas for drills and actual evacuations, they report concerns or problems to Landmark Security for corrective action, and they train new employees on the proper evacuation procedures and routes from their work areas.

In an evacuation, ERCs direct evacuees out of the building by the most direct route clearing their areas as they leave, conduct head counts at their gathering locations to ensure all personnel are accounted for and serve as a communication conduit between evacuees and Landmark Office Towers Security.





The Emergency Response Coordinator for your area will:

- Provide you with updated information and train you on evacuation procedures including the Down Town Cleveland Evacuation Plan.

- Have you added to the handicapped evacuation list if you are physically unable to use the stairs to evacuate on your own.

- Show you the primary and secondary evacuation routes from your area.

- Answer questions you may have or get the answers for you if necessary.

- Provide you with maps and photographs of your designated gathering location.




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