Mission Statement


       Landmark Office Towers Management is committed to providing the best service to our Tenants. We are proud of our Landmark team. The majority of our staff has many years of experience with this Building. Our personnel, from Day Services to the Vice President Administration of Landmark Office Towers, share a mutual concern for your well being and consideration of your needs in every phase of our work.

       Those of you who have been with us for some time, have seen some of the improvements we have made to the Building in recent years. We have redecorated several common area hallways to improve the aesthetics and provide a bright, more updated common area. We have opened a newly remodeled conference center that is available for use by tenants at a minimal cost. We have modern restroom dispensers to ensure a more sanitary dispensing of soap and paper products. We have implemented a consistent monitoring of restrooms daily to monitor the need for dispenser refills in the most highly used areas. We have installed a new fire safety alarm system to improve the protection available to our tenants in case of a fire emergency. We have re-organized our Building management staff to provide you with courteous and professional contacts who will respond quickly to your service needs. In addition, the exterior and interior building conditions, physical plant operations, performance of the janitorial contractor and status of building improvements are constantly monitored.

      We value your tenancy at Landmark Office Towers, and we will continue to make improvements in our service in order to satisfy your needs.



                                                             Richard Weaver

                                                                   Vice President Administration